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Sunday 24 Jun 2018
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Michigan Great Start to Quality Self-Assessment Survey

Welcome to the Michigan Great Start to Quality Self-Assessment Survey

The work of the quality program over the past two plus years has led to Great Start to Quality: Michigan’s tiered quality rating and improvement system for early learning programs administered by the Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC). The Self-Assessment Survey (SAS) was created based upon the Michigan Great Start to Quality Standards and Points document. Great Start to Quality standards align with the early learning standards for infant, toddler, and prekindergarten programs. Point values are equated with quality indicators in each component area. Great Start to Quality standards and points were developed by state level early childhood experts on the Standards and Points work stream of the Tiered Quality and Rating Improvement System (TQRIS) Design Committee. The Design Committee was established by the Great Start Early Learning Advisory Council to develop protocols and processes for statewide implementation of Great Start to Quality. The standards and points were also independently tested.


downloadSelf-Assessment Instruction Guide (PDF)

downloadStars 2.0 User Manual (PDF)

downloadGreat Start to Quality Standards (PDF)

downloadAdding Classrooms Through Reassessment Overview (PDF)